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WorkPlace Engagement Survey is a useful tool to discover the level of commitment employees have with their company, their jobs, and their managers. Companies discover whether their employees are engaged, disengaged, or highly engaged/disengaged. These results are then indexed versus national normative results. This information allows a company to understand the center of it's strength and the opportunities for improvement.

Engagement refers to the degree to which employees connect with their work and feel committed to their organization and its goals. People who are highly engaged in an activity: 

1. Feel excited and enthused
2. Are less aware of the passage of time
3. Devote discretionary effort to the activity
4. Identify with the task and describe themselves to others in the context of the task
5. Think about the questions and challenges posed by the activity during spare moments
6. Resist distractions and find it easier to stay focused, and
7. Invite others into the activity (their enthusiasm is contagious)